Friday, March 24 2017
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Tuesday Afternoon @ the Movies ~ 1:00pm


The following is a listing of upcoming films. Popcorn is served at 1:00 showings.  *Movies are subject to change and updates will be posted.


March 21st ~ Fences

In the turbulent racially charged climate of the U.S. the 1950′s, an African American man fights to raise his family. Social oppression, discrimination, and long time anger bubble up from under the surface as he tries to be a role model for his growing children, teaching them how to survive in an unfair world. At the same time he must look within himself and deal with painful events from his own past in order to move forward.

Rated PG-13       Run Time 2 hours 19 minutes.


March 28th ~ Patriot’s Day

In 2013, the city of Boston was shocked by the tragic events that occurred during the Boston Marathon. Terrorists set off bombs that killed many and wounded over 250 more. In the wake of the horrifying attack, Ed Davis, the Police Commissioner of Boston, races to find the killers before they can flee the country. He teams up with some of the brave survivors, the emergency workers who rushed to help immediately after the attack, and the many citizens of Boston. Together with his massive team, Davis starts a manhunt to bring the killers to justice before they can escape.

Rated R,               Run Time 2 hours 10 minutes.







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