Tuesday, January 16 2018
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‘Build a Better World’ Cupcake Wars (Grades 4-12): Tuesday, April 25th @ 6:30pm *Registration Required

This is the 3rd Annual Cupcake Wars for t/weens.  Each year there are fun and fabulous entries!


1. Anyone can participate in grades 4-12.
2. Each participant must prepare 6 un-decorated cupcakes prior to the event.  You must bring all your decorating tools and supplies that you will need.
3. AT the event, you’ll have 30 minutes to decorate them all. TWO of the cupcakes selected by you will be used for judging.
3. Two of the cupcakes will be used for judging—the other portion will be shared with other contestants and judges.
4. Cupcakes will be judged on the following criteria:Appearance, taste, creativity, clean station, and presentation to judges. Participant may make any flavor of cupcake desired but, please stay within the theme of the event ‘BUILD A BETTER WORLD” in anticipation of summer reading events!

We sample each others work after the judging.  Be prepared to share.  :)


 *The winner will get a ‘small’ prize.  Parents, this is for kids and supposed to be fun and not highly competitive.  The t/weens are expected to do their own baking and decorating.

GOT QUESTIONS?  ASK Kathy Watson, Assistant Director/Youth Services Director

This event is in partnership with Bre’s Ice Creamery!  Sweet!

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