Monday, July 22 2019
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Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream STEM Event Wednesday, February 27th 6:30pm-7:30pm Family Event (Grades K+)

By demonstrating how liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze fresh ingredients into fresh ice cream, we keep the children amused, and give them a lesson on the properties of liquid nitrogen, gas laws, and the application of science to food.  SubZero Nitrogen staff from Nashua, NH will be our teachers. Each registrant will receive ice cream at the end of the program.

The science behind this event is for youth in kindergarten and up and their parents or grandparents.  Because this is a ‘family’ event, we ask that adults come accompanied by a child in kindergarten through high school.

Please, this is paid for by the Library by the serving, so only register if you are sure you are coming so we don’t squander funds or take a place from someone else.  Registration is limited.


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