Friday, August 23 2019
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OUTTA THIS WORLD 3D Printing: Tuesday, June 25th (AGES 8-10 6:00pm-7:00pm) (T/WEENS 11 & UP 7:00PM-8:00PM)

Toys In Box associates will give a short presentation about 3D printing. The participants will learn how a 3D printer works and then use Makerbot 3D printers to make a cute, small 3D object in multiple colors to take home for themselves. They will bring in at least 7 Makerbot Replicator2 3D printers to ensure everyone will get a chance to 3D print.
Preregistration for this event is limited to Kimball Library cardholders until 3 days beforehand.

Register Here Ages 8-10

Register Here T/weens Ages 11 & up

This is a ‘UNIVERSE OF STORIES’ summer reading event sponsored by THE FRIENDS OF KIMBALL LIBRARY.

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