Monday, May 21 2018
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Meet Lucy Stone: Enter the Antebellum World of the Abolition and Women’s Rights Movements ~ Thursday, April 20th @ 6:30

Lucy Stone jpgJoin us for as we travel back in time in our national history when a married woman did not have legal rights to the money she earned, the property she inherited, or the children she bore. During this same era citizens of the United States thought it a legal and rational pursuit to buy and trade human beings. Lucy Stone, born in Brookfield Massachusetts 1818, decided it was time for this nation to demonstrate the democracy it preached. Crisscrossing the country, she spoke eloquently and passionately about the most important issues of her time.

In this first-person interpretive program, Judith Black introduces American Lucy Stone, the first woman hired by the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society as a public speaker and the ‘Shining Star’ of the Abolition and Women’s Rights Movements. The presenter dispels well-worn platitudes about the antebellum North by interjecting historic and personal truths about these social reform movements. Her presentation also paints a dynamic and detailed picture of what it takes to change the world you are born into. Follow Lucy as she makes her case for tax resistance, her challenges to marriage laws and motherhood, and her pro-Emancipation response to the Civil War. Go with her to The American Equal Rights Association Convention in May 1869, where she eloquently supports the 15th Amendment, which gave African-American men the vote.

About: Judith Black

Judith Black’s historic tales, commissioned by the US Dept. of the Interior, NPR, Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, the USS Constitution Museum and many others, have received standing ovations at the Smithsonian Institution and Storytelling Festivals worldwide. She has keynoted the National Interpreters Conference: a standing ovation met her address on discerning truths from exploring multiple vantage points on our national history. One of America’s finest storytellers, she was inducted into the National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence ‘For exceptional commitment and exemplary contribution to the art of storytelling’ in 2001.

This program is free and open to the public and is made possible through a grant from the NH Humanities. Please registered to let us know that you are coming and so that you may receive a friendly reminder.

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