Saturday, May 25 2019
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Healthier Eating Strategies with Maria Kuhl ~ Sponsored by Atkinson Recreation (Registration Required) at 6:30 on Tuesday 6/11/2019

salad-374173_640During this presentation you will learn how to thoughtfully explore your own personal relationship with food. The insightful discussion is sure to get you thinking about how you approach eating and your behavior during eating. This talk will let you walk away with some helpful strategies to implement for a healthier way of eating. A raffle prize will be given away at the end of this talk.
About the Presenter:

Maria Kuhl is a certified Health and Life Coach. In addition, she has a AS in Food Science and Nutrition, BS in Health Science and a MS in Management. She is the business owner of Empowered You, a personal coaching service company (specializing in Weight Loss, Healthier Eating, Stress Management, Improving Energy Levels and Relationships). As a coach, she works with her clients to overcome obstacles or challenges so they can form healthier habits and implement behavior changes to live a higher quality of life. After setting the desired health or life goal, she works to align clients through personalized support, guidance and accountability for inevitable success!

Registration required.  (Click here to sign up to attend) * This event is sponsored by Atkinson Recreation.

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